Tam Vi Vian

School : Wesley Methodist School

Hobby :listening to music,hanging out with friends,learning new things,dancing,drawing,travelling

Achievements : successfully graduating as a AKLTG assistant coach, achieving 5A1s in UPSR, earning distinctions in Computer,English and Science in the Australia New Southwales examinations, becoming one of the top 3 track stars in school, winning several art competitions, passing Wesley Methodist School's entrance examination, being the best student in the English language in a form 3 class, staying in the top 2 in class for 2 years straight, staying in the top 10 in the entire form for 5 years straight

Goals : Becoming a Coach in IAG, Winning an award in an international manga drawing competition, becoming the youngest and most outstanding female movie director in history, owning a world-renowned fashion line, becoming number 1 in the entire form in WMS, getting highest in weak subjects in the entire form (history and geography), getting a gold medal in 100m dash, get taller, becoming a billionaire, achieving more great things in life.