Bryan Cheong

Age; 16

School; Sunway Intl School (grade 10)

Hobbies; Search and test different food, Dota-ing, Meeting new people and making life long friends, math quiz

Adjectives; open to anyone, food lover, honest friend

Achievements; mix a 5 min long track in 1 min and got good outcome for a event in school, design a website with Dreamweaver in 3 hours, edited more than 30 videos with vegas pro in 2 months, know the whole SIS in a week, score level 4 marks for math and IT in business

Ng Zhi Len

Date of Birth: 25th Feb 1997

School: SMK Convent Kajang

Hobbies: Coaching, Surfing the Internet, Reading Stories...

Adjectives: Zesty, Hectically, Fun, Interesting, Loving, Entertaining, Nice

Goals: Becoming a Coach in IAG, Get 7 A's in PMR, Move to the 1st class in school, get A for my BM, Win the 800m Race Next Year...

Achievement: Got A's for Science, English and Mathematic every time, Won 3rd place in a Science Competition, Won 3rd place in 800m Race, Won 2nd place in 4x100m Race, Got Distinction for Ballet Exam every time...

Lim Su Wee

School: SMK BUD (4)

Hobby: Reading books, going on9, Dancing, debating, acting, listening to music , and COACHING!!!

Got top 4 in class, Got promoted to a rank of Lans-koperal in KRS, represented school for interschool drama competition, represented school debate team to an international debating event(MYMUN)

Get a average of 85% in upcoming exam(current-71%), Get 8A's for PMR, Be a APD in upcoming IAG/SK camp(Aug 2008) , Become PD by DEC'08 (IAG/SK), Become SCP trainer by January 2008.

Tam Vi Vian

School : Wesley Methodist School

Hobby :listening to music,hanging out with friends,learning new things,dancing,drawing,travelling

Achievements : successfully graduating as a AKLTG assistant coach, achieving 5A1s in UPSR, earning distinctions in Computer,English and Science in the Australia New Southwales examinations, becoming one of the top 3 track stars in school, winning several art competitions, passing Wesley Methodist School's entrance examination, being the best student in the English language in a form 3 class, staying in the top 2 in class for 2 years straight, staying in the top 10 in the entire form for 5 years straight

Goals : Becoming a Coach in IAG, Winning an award in an international manga drawing competition, becoming the youngest and most outstanding female movie director in history, owning a world-renowned fashion line, becoming number 1 in the entire form in WMS, getting highest in weak subjects in the entire form (history and geography), getting a gold medal in 100m dash, get taller, becoming a billionaire, achieving more great things in life.

Natalie Han

Age: 14

School: Kuen Cheng Girls High School

Helpful, Caring, Friendly, Cute...

hobby's :
Coaching, Sports, English movies, Music

Learnt basic sign language in 1 day, Reached ghost level of Japanese drums, Sold over 30 fun fair coupons to complete strangers within 5 minutes, Taekwondo black belt, Survived without sleep for 48 hours [I'm serious!], Joined the AKLTG Coaching family in June 06, Became coach in December 07.



School...HELP University College

Education...A -levels

Hobbies...Playing football,watching football(hehe)..reading,msn-ing

Achievements...Grad of very 1st IAG in Malaysia Aug04
8th place HELP National Debate
Best Speaker in very 1st debate competition
Joined Toastmasters Int aged 17
Became 1st Indian to become board member of A levels Table Tennis Club...Secretary 07

Goals....Score 3As for A levels
Get a place to read Law in Cardiff Law School
Achieve First Class Honours for LLB Degree and then Masters in Law
Open my own Law firm and hire all the best litigators and
solicitors in the country to work with me...

Kwang Yau

D.O.B: 25-9-1988

school: Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC)

hobbies: Gadgets,Tech toys,Basketball 4 life.. , basketball shoes,shorts,shirts,jerseys..,movies,mind mapping,music and Starbucks..!! xD

Achievements: MCA Youth 3 on 3 Streetball Challenge motorbike winner,survived coach training,from arts stream going into engineering without experience in pure science and add maths,struggled through semester 1 & 2 with 2As and *no fails*.. ^^

Goals: To get my Higher National Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering,Degree and Masters,help more people to succeed in life,learn how 2 earn lots of money through online marketing.

Deanna Rozhan Binti Anuar [ Or Deanna Anuar for Short ]

D.O.B.: 18th August 1994

School: Sri KDU Secondary

Hobbies/Interests: Coaching! Reading, Designing [ In the computer :) ], Sports, Running, Listening to Japanese Music, Watching Japanese Series [ Live-action, and anime! Or 'cartoon' as some people call it XD ], JAPANESE!!, Harry Potter Book Series!, Science, Maths, English.

Attitude: Crazy, Weird, Freaky, Hyper, Dedicated, Funny [ Or so i think XD ], Hardworking, Blabs/Rambles alot..[ I can still keep secrets!! :P ]

Achievements: Won gold in two swimming competitions [ Breastroke, Freestyle ], 5A's in UPSR, Won gold in two running events [ 4x400 and 4x100 ] and silver in long jump event, Topped class in Year Six, Finished the KL 10k race[ 25th position XP in my age group and 63rd in Women's category ], Finished PD Sprint Triathalon [ Swim, Bike, Run ], Grade 5 in Piano, Became a Ass. Coach, Won silver in inter-school [ Form 1 Category ] English essay writing contest.

Goals: Personal - To get 8A's in PMR, To be able finish the marathon by 21 [ So OLD!! XD But i gonna be realistic... ], To be able to finish Olympic Distance Triathalon by 15, To finish Grade 8 in Piano by 18, To be best athlete of the year by Form 5, To become a doctor.

Coaching - To understand participants better, To bring out the best in participants.

Ai Lin

Adjectives ; Cheerfull, Funny, Talkative

Achievements ; 1st runner up in Syarahan competition

Tan Moh Juinn (MJ)

Adjective ; Hyperactive, Powerfull, Handsome like Wang Lee Hom

Hobbies:Play guitar and sing, listen and play music, Dancing, clubbin, shopping, hangin out dan lain-lain.

D.O.B: 24.5.90

Achievements:-Got 3rd prize for English Story-telling competition in standard 4&5...2004-Being invited to perform guitar in Sin Chew Jit Poh Student Reporters Day...Got my 1st girlfriend on valentine...2005-Won 1st Prize with my team and awarded the Best Actor for English Panel & ELS Sketch Competition.(some sort of drama competition...)2006-Chosen to be the Guitar Club President...joined the Japan Homestay Programme...Silver Medalist for Powersport Taekwondo Sparring Competition.2007-Got P license...1st time being an asistant coach with Anisa... Dance for a programme Live from AEC, ASTRO...
Goals:-I want to be a singer and a great musician and a great lovely DaD!!! hahaha...

Henri Tan

Adjectives ; Funny and super fun

achievements ; Got 4th place in Swimming (butterfly 200m)

Aishah Ismail ( Kak Aishah )

Adjectives ; Caring, Loving, Cooperating

Achievements ; Taking charge of own illness.

Hazirah Aziz

Adjectives ; Drama Queen, Talkative

Achievements ; Daydream alot, survived coach training, changing and improving my own attitudes.

Firdaus Nejim

Adjectives ; Smiley, Enthusiastic, FUN-FUN-FUN

Achievements ; Got 11A's for SPM, Got selected to work in a Hospital

Julia Nur

Adjectives ; klutzy, Hyper, Dorky

Achievemnts ; Got into pure science class, Elected BOD in club, Nominated most Artistic in form, survived coach training

Joe (Pik Lian)

Adjectives ; Creative, Happy, Friendly

Acheivments ; Straigh A's in Exams


Adjectives ; Crazy , Friendly, Cute

Achievements ; Scoring strainht A's in Exams, Scoring 100% in Maths, President of the English language and drama club.


Adjectives ; Fun, Lively & Entertaining

Acheivements ; Won district Football tournament with the school team.

Leong Chie Hou

Adjectives ; Friendly , Kind & Caring

Achievents ; 6 A's for his PMR

Low Zhen Yang

Adjectives : Very Powerful, Noisy & quiet.

Achievements ; Can focus on anything more then 24Hours straight


Attitude: Optimistic, Friendly, Leader

Achievements: Conducting school mazquerade, Broke out of her "Quiet" state, Taught myself how to draw :)

Ellysha Nur

D.O.B.: 3rd march '93

school: SMK subang utama.

hobbies/interests: photography, dance, music, coaching..!!

Attitude: friendly, caring, loving, crazy, 'fakes it til she makes it'. :D

Achievements.treasurer for class(2007), asst. treasurer for LEO club (2007/2008), won AYH SK june 07, survived a back to back camp. ;Dand finally becoming a coach.

Noel Emmanuel Yung

D.O.B: Christmas of 1988

Past times: Rock Climbing!! ROCK ON!!!, Reading novels, watching movies, Jogging, Playing the bass guitar, Jamming sessions with the band, Eating junk, Listening to music, Singing, and catching up with old friends.

Personality: Cheerful, Loud at times, Friendly, Honest. to know more, get to know me :)

Goals: To be able to climb an 8a route within the next 5 years, To be able to travel around the world before I reach the age of 30.

1) Able to juggle working in a climbing gym and studying at the same time.
2) Got promoted to an Assistant Duty Marshall at the climbing gym
3) And later got promoted to a Duty Marshall
4) Climbed a 7a route at Nyamuk Crag, Batu Caves
5) Won 1st place in a 4.5 km run in school
6) Won many other medals for running comps in school.
7) Managed to coach in Jakarta (great experience)
8) Became Approved as a Route Setter in Camp5 (the climbing gym)
9) Started reading at the tender age of 2
The list goes on and on... if you want to know more, Get to know me :)

Philosophy: Live life the way you want it to be, not the way others want you to live your life.

Kwong Chin Wei

Age: 18 years old

Hobbies: Reading books (Self-help books), Dancing

In a nutshell: I'm someone that has to do something. Can't sit still. Guess my habit paid off. Was the Assistant Head Prefect at Form 2, Coy leader for Girl Guides at Form 3. Soon after that I've got 3 major posts at Form 4. Was the Discipline officer of the Prefectorial Board, Editor of the Editorial Board and Secretary of LEO Club. And some other minor posts. Although a hectic year it is, managed to pull my way through and got myself a " Top Secretary Award".

Goals: At the moment, I juz wana get done with my pre-U and get scholarship to overseas.

What I've learned from this camp: People skills... Its important! If we couldn't tackle what other people's feelings or thoughts is, the situation would grow from bad to worst. That's why as coaches we always have to be more alert and act faster than the participants do.

Kimberley Ng

Name: Kimberley Ng*with an E between L and Y*(or you can just call me Kimmy or Kim)

Loves: Dancing,Running,Poetry Writing,Skating,Competing,Reading

Ways of Relieving Stress: believe it or not (reading,skating and dancing)

Attitude: SUPER DUPER LOUD,Bubbly,Caring,Hyper*in a good manner*,Independent.

Goals: to be take up performing arts in uni in new Zealand,and at the same time to be the first Malaysian to learn pair skating.

Achievements: performed on stage since the age of 4,lost my way in the shopping mall at the tender age of 4 without crying,wrote a pretty long poem in 5 miuntes and got it approved for the school magazine,was top runner for my house in 2006,went to Singapore alone with a bunch of people for a skating competition in 2005,joined the FIRST Nationals competition in 2006,bagged a number of gold,silver and bronze medals during Skate Malaysia and brought home 3 golds and 2 silver medals from Skate Bandung,Indonesia in November 2006,be able to coach and at the same time attend a performance which turned out as a HUGE success,officially joined the AKLTG family in June 2006.reads body language effectively.

Maggie Tan

Attitude; Cute , Helpful , Funny

Achievement; Good in Art . Won many Art Competition .

Joe Fendy

Age; 16 years old

Attitude; Honest , Serious , Friendly

Achievement; Feng Shui Expert. Choir President. Young Enterprise Member. MSSD badminton player.

Kevin Chew

Age; 16 years old

Attitude; Short , Nicez , Mad ( Siow )

Achievement; PMR – 7 A’s . Perform in a Band .

Muhammad Asad

Age; 18 years old

Attitude; Round , Cuddly , Friendly in every way

Achievement; Champion in Snooker competition under 18. 3rd in Pool competition

Aaron Ong

Age; 15 years old

Attitude; Manja , Friendly , Outgoing , Game Addict

Achievement; Black Belt in TWD. 2nd place in IAG June 2006 Beauty Pageant.

Elvin So

Age; 18 ++

School; Taylor Collage

Attitude; Handsome , Fun , Crazy

Achievements; Football captain and Long distance runner.

Aaron Lee

School; St John Institution

Attitude; Nice , Friendly , Fun

Achievements; Played Squash for school and KL state.

Adrian Lee

School; Inti College

Attitude; Fun , Loving , Crazy

Achievements; Represent state in Squash . Drama State Champion 2005

Alexander Lee

Age; 21 yrs old

School; Taylor’s College ADP

Attitude; like sports ( swimming ) , Fun , Serious

Achievements; President of swimming club. Score 9.6 for econ project (Highest is class)

Emily Mok

Age; 15 yrs old

School; SMK Bandar Utama Damansara

Attitude; Nice , Friendly , Tall

Achievements; Finish PMR and still be Tall.

Shannon Yu

School; Cempaka International School

Attitude; Loud , Scary , Outgoing

Achievements; State Representative for JUDO. Represent KL for swimming. And being a assistant coach .

Dax Lim

Age; 16 yrs old

Attitude; Fun-Loving , Caring , Crazy

Achievements; Runner up in basketball Competition against Classes

Eric Tan

School; Bukit Bintang

Attitude; Plump , Lovable , Cheerful

Achievements; Fix 3 Computers in 1 day.

Amira Farhana

Attitude; Adventures , Friendly , Out-Going

Achievements; The best Daydreamer and Can daydream for Hours….

Marcus Lim Wui Chuen

Age : 16(2007)

School : SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (4) (in front of OU and next to The Curve WHEE)

Personality : Fun, caring, lovable, can be strict sometimes and loose at times :) Loves wacky action plans at suitable times! Like Mamak at 4 in the morning HAHA

Achievements : First place for Math Quiz (2001), Third Place for Building KLCC Competition (2002), Excellent UPSR Achievement 5As (2002), First Place for High Jump Competition (2003), Best Supporting Actor for Drama Interschool Competition (2004), Second place in Geography Power Point Presentation Daerah Petaling (2005), Great PMR Achievement 6As (2006), Secretary of the Ping Pong Club(2007), Deputy Presedent of the Persatuan Rakan Sebaya (Counseling Club) (2007), Deputy President of Yellow House for Sports Day (2007) and LAST BUT NOT LEAST, Selected as Head Boy of SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (4) (2007)

Current Goals : To get FIRST PLACE for my End Year Exam and boost myself up to the FIRST CLASS which is 5 MATAHARI, IMPROVE the discipline of the school starting with the Prefects, Obtain FIRST PLACE for Sports Day next year, Achieve 12As for SPM and get a full scholarship in HELP for my FOUNDATION in SCIENCE, then obtain SASA scholarship for my first year in Psychology and apply for a 2+1 course to go to Universiti of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, come back to M'sia and become a Trainer for AKLTG!

Anisa Sufia

Age; 17 yrs old

School; SMK Convent Bukit Nanas

Attitude; Lovable , Friendly , Adventerous

Achievements; Living life to the fullest and aiming to get straight A’s in SPM

Bryan Choy

Attitude; Daring , Active , Friendly

Achievements; MABA Basketball Player


Age; 16 yrs old

School; Concord (UK)

Attitude; Happy , Bubbly , Funny

Achievements; Going on stage talking bout netball in front of the whole school for 90 sec and forgetting the last sentence.

Joshua Choo

Attitude; Cool , Athletic , Siow-Siow , Hansom

Achievements; Black Belt in TWD, School Footballer

Shaun Lim

Attitude; Cool , Friendly , Corrupted

Achievements; MPH search for young journalist Award Winner !!!!

Nik Nawwar

Age: 16

School: SMK Seri Hartamas (form 5)

Achievements: Vice President for my house 2007, Vice Treasurer of the hockey club 2007, house runner and high jumper for five years straight, performed cultural malay dance infront of 80 Japanese students from Aishi Keishi High School (from Japan) in 2006, mastered the art of the Zapin dance within 2 days, performed a Zapin fusion to the tokyo drift song infront of the whole school, Certified Microsoft Word Specialist

Goals: Score straight 9A1s for SPM, become a Neuro- psychologist, Study the relationship between the brain and behavior, Make my first million by the age of 24

Attitude: Friendly , Caring , Happy – Go – Lucky , hardworking, dedicated, insane, serious at work

Hobbies: reading, listening to music, playing hockey, having a good time with family and friends, coaching, dancing


D.O.B: 16/11/1988
Attitude: Fun , friendly , loving , caring , crazy,serious...
Achievement: winner in year 2005 live piano performance
adjective: siao...erm....not very handsome...
Goal: A music teacher & composer
Now currently study in ICOM ( International College Of Music )
Hobbies: Music performing ,racing , edit pictures & face make up...

Alvin Khaw

Age; 19 years old by the 11th of May

Hobbies; Self taught guitarist, avid reader (spends an average of RM 200+ per month on books), hard core gamer & rocker, listens to Japanese heavy metal music and black metal.

Attitude; Cool, Funny, Energetic, Walks the Talk, Merciless
Achievements :
1) The most senior coach from Penang.
2) Youngest student in Penang Free School to hold a commitee position, the Secretary of the Softball club at the age of 14.
3) Learnt to be a hacker at 15.
4) Gold medallist in Karate, selected to train for SUKMA.
5) Got 3rd placing and a bronze medal in 7.5km Cross Country Race.
6) Jumped from the 28th position to the 2nd position out of 31 students in class in 2 months after IAG camp, was pushed from the last class to the 2nd class in school.
7) Head photographer for the Photography Club and School Magazine.
8) Learnt Sign Language in only 5 days.
9) Earned RM 2000++ in 3 weeks, doing sales in Ogawa, first in Ogawa history to have a first timer earn that much, got 15th place in whole of Malaysia's Ogawa outlets out of 80+ employees for the first week of work, earning RM 342.17 in commision, got 7th place in whole of Malaysia earning RM 642.68 in commision. Worked everyday, non stop, full time, until my seniors call me crazy, stopped working due to the beggining college.
10) Achieved an IQ of 140 in MENSA Matrices Scale IQ Test (2006).
11) Able to assemble 1000 pieces of puzzle in 4 days alone.
12) Can speed read up to 1000 words per minute.
13) First in Penang to own the GeForce 6600 GT graphics card.
14) Ambidextrous, able to write with both hands.
15) Flew to KL for a day and flew back for a coach gathering... 28th of December 2006

Currently :
1) Training in Aikido and Karate, looking for a Judo Class.
2) Coaching.
3) Taking the Foundation In Arts and Majoring in Psychology in HELP University College.

Goals as a Coach :
1) Make it the best time of the participant's lives.
2) Instill discipline and awareness within the coaches.
3) Bring out the best in the participants and make sure they do it in their lifetime

Roger Ang

School; Catholic High

Attitude; Friendly , Helpful , Funny

Achievements; Join RYL Johor team 5 since 2002.2nd place in RYL solo competition.

Grace Wong

Age; 18 yrs old

Attitude; Fun loving , Friendly , Caring

Achievements; Complete Grade 8 Piano practical.

Nisha Dharan Nair

School; HUC , A’Levels

Attitude; Lovable, Dramatic, Quirky

Achievements; Directed a performance ( Drama )

Foo Chee Mun

Age ; 18 years old

Attitude; Caring , Loving , Yet…. SeXy!!!

Achievements; Scored Top 10 for his psychology exam in Help Uni under HML.

Josephine, Josie, Jo *without the E!*, Sephy, Jojo.. [the list goes on but call me Josie x)]

School: SMK Aminuddin Baki, Kuala Lumpur.

Loves: Dancing, poetry & fiction writing, books, reading, manga, doodling, music; Japanese pop!, blogging, hugs, sports; ball games, spending time with loved ones.

Attitude; Crazy, Caring, Fun, Lovable, Nice, Random, Insane, Responsible

Achievements; Netball Under-15 captain, topping class for 2 years in a row, earned Distinction in the ISTD Ballet examinations for 4 years, Category 1 Champion in Claris Music Festival, went without sleep for 37 hours, won first place in an essay writing competition, survived drowning in a whirlpool, written a short fiction in a day, mastered a complicated Rock n Roll dance in 4 hours, choreographed 2 dances for Teacher's Day celebrations in her primary school, smiled nonstop for 12 hours, joined the AKLTG family in December '05, handled the kid which no coach could handle, promoted to APD in June '07.

Goals: Principal's Gold Award for August trials, 7As in PMR, Distinction in Grade 6 ISTD Ballet examinations, Queen's Guide by the end of June 2008.

Malvin Seow Wei Huan (Jedi Dark Knight Malvin Seow Obi Wan Kenobi)

Age : 14 years-young!

D.O.B. : 2nd May 1993

School : SMJK Yok Bin, Malacca.

Adjectives :SIAO!!!, Caring, Sometimes serious, Friendly, Playful…

Goals! :8A’s in PMR, 2008 ASEAN Scholar, Champion for English Debate,
Best AKLTG Music Man, Be in the AKLTG Training Team, Top 10% in Malaysia for UNSW Computer Skills (which had been achieved since FORM 1), Taekwondo Black-belter……….

Achievements :Taekwondo Red-Belt, 5 times being a Music Man, 6 times coaching, Top 10% in Malaysia for UNSW Computer Skills, State-level Calligraphy competition 1st runner-up, Managed to be in the AKLTG Coaching Team! , State-level Tennis competition 3rd place……….

Favourite Music Artists :John Williams, Josh Groban, Nelly Furtado, Linkin Park,
Maroon 5, Maksim Mrvica, Jojo, Taylor Hicks……….

Hobbies :Listening to music’s, surfing the net, practicing light saber techniques

Mark Seow

Age; 17 yrs old

School; Yok Bin Sec School.

Adjectives; "Siow" , Jovial , Undeniably Handsome

Achievements; MPH Search for young writers Award Finalist, National Calligraphy Competition Finalist, 1st in the form 4 Consec Years ' Highest AKLTG Coaches Whoosh in the world!,Taekwondo Black Belter, Assistant Head Prefect of SMJK Yok Bin (The only boys in school to be both a prefect and librarian), Violin Grade 6 & Piano Grade 8.

Goals: 11 A1's in SPM 2007, Motivational Trainer, MPH Search for Young Writers 07-09 Champion

What I want to achieve out of coaching?
Bring participants to a journey of self-awareness
Bring out the best in people to participate 100% in life at the same time maintain their holanthropic (in all areas of life, if you're asking what that means) balance.
Be a reflection of my own self to ponder deeper about, understand people around us

Focus On Your Outcome!
Mark Seow
Future Trainer

Webster Ku

DOB= 27 June 1985

Hobby=Bikes(Kawasaki ZRX250), Cars(Honda CRX), talking(Blah-blah-blah)

Achievements= Bronze medal in Tae Kwan Doe in Sparring and Poomsie (Clubs International Invitation Championship) Own first Motorbike at the age of 19 with own hard-earned money. Head of School Discipline prefect by the age 16 (youngest in the history of the school)

Currently= working for AKLTG as an Operation Executive , Ast Trainer for the program I Am Gifted So Are You camps, SuperKids camps and Independent Learning Programme in Malaysia. At the same time studying Applied Psychology in MIS Malaysia now with 2 Distintion in his last papers. With working experience starting from the age of 13, ( pubs, hotels, restaurant, promoters, events, bank executives and sales person ) He is very well-versed with day-to-day life scenarios.

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