Kwong Chin Wei

Age: 18 years old

Hobbies: Reading books (Self-help books), Dancing

In a nutshell: I'm someone that has to do something. Can't sit still. Guess my habit paid off. Was the Assistant Head Prefect at Form 2, Coy leader for Girl Guides at Form 3. Soon after that I've got 3 major posts at Form 4. Was the Discipline officer of the Prefectorial Board, Editor of the Editorial Board and Secretary of LEO Club. And some other minor posts. Although a hectic year it is, managed to pull my way through and got myself a " Top Secretary Award".

Goals: At the moment, I juz wana get done with my pre-U and get scholarship to overseas.

What I've learned from this camp: People skills... Its important! If we couldn't tackle what other people's feelings or thoughts is, the situation would grow from bad to worst. That's why as coaches we always have to be more alert and act faster than the participants do.