Kimberley Ng

Name: Kimberley Ng*with an E between L and Y*(or you can just call me Kimmy or Kim)

Loves: Dancing,Running,Poetry Writing,Skating,Competing,Reading

Ways of Relieving Stress: believe it or not (reading,skating and dancing)

Attitude: SUPER DUPER LOUD,Bubbly,Caring,Hyper*in a good manner*,Independent.

Goals: to be take up performing arts in uni in new Zealand,and at the same time to be the first Malaysian to learn pair skating.

Achievements: performed on stage since the age of 4,lost my way in the shopping mall at the tender age of 4 without crying,wrote a pretty long poem in 5 miuntes and got it approved for the school magazine,was top runner for my house in 2006,went to Singapore alone with a bunch of people for a skating competition in 2005,joined the FIRST Nationals competition in 2006,bagged a number of gold,silver and bronze medals during Skate Malaysia and brought home 3 golds and 2 silver medals from Skate Bandung,Indonesia in November 2006,be able to coach and at the same time attend a performance which turned out as a HUGE success,officially joined the AKLTG family in June 2006.reads body language effectively.